Hospital Medicine Solutions

Hospital Medicine Solutions (HMS) LLC, is a management and consulting company that provides expert evaluation, delivery of strategic improvements and management of Hospital Medicine services to acute and post-acute health care facilities.

HMS founders have over 50+ years of Hospital Medicine experience with managing programs in their many phases from start up to growth. The HMS model success factors include change management, growing service lines and process improvement. The model also recognizes that provider retention is important and at HMS we strive for provider satisfaction and healthy work-life balance.

In the rapidly changing healthcare environment, HMS is aware of the needs of Hospital administration and how an organization needs to move. Hospital medicine programs are pivotal for systems improvement, patient safety and quality care. HMS provides leadership and change management to an organization looking to develop the hospital medicine program that becomes aligned to modern healthcare delivery. Additionally, HMS has expertise on newer value-based care models such as total cost of care and bundled payments and are able to help programs navigate these models.


HMS has particular expertise in managing Hospital medicine programs that serve small to medium size hospitals. Our current engagements include managing island-based hospitals. HMS understands the needs of such a health care setting where there is a paucity of specialists, limited intensive care services and variable volumes. HMS has been successful in hiring seasoned hospitalists that can deliver high value care and recognize the needs of such Hospitals. HMS has been able to manage more patients on the island, reducing transfer rates by half and help with nursing education and retention. The HMS model of care has shown improvement in patient satisfaction scores and improved service line delivery to help internal stakeholders, in particular admission times from the Emergency department.

Through the HMS model we have been able to increase hospital revenues.
HMS has contracts with post-acute care settings that include long term acute hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. The post-acute care space is going through significant disruption and the HMS model has been able to help these facilities be competitive in their markets, by improving quality of care, reducing readmissions and managing sicker patients.